ADRA Italia and HopeMedia Italia supporting initiatives against prejudices

The Educational Trail was created in 2010 and developed through the works of some workers at the Voice of Hope Radio.

2010 initiative, “Educational Trail”, was born. Claudio Coppini, a worker at RVS, encountered Mauro Sbrillo, a wheelchair-bound gentleman, in a hardware store. This was the beginning of their friendship and [...] implemented in schools. Students are encouraged to ‘live’ the experience of a disabled person, following a 30-meter path in a wheelchair, often also while blindfolded. Following this experience is an in-depth [...] specifically through empathy and learning to identify with others. Everyone has a dignity that should be preserved, a dignity that goes beyond one’s physical, ethnic, and social state. It was based on

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Adventist Church Leaders Vote to Hold a Special One-Day GC Session in January 2022

One-day event will discuss a constitutional change to allow virtual attendance.

postponing a GC Session should not “exceed two years” beyond a regularly scheduled date. Moorooven then explained that amendments to the GC Constitution and Bylaws can only be done by the delegates at a regular [...] would be advantageous if a Special GC Session was called for the sole purpose of amending the Constitution which would provide for a virtual or hybrid GC Session. In 2020, a meeting of the GC EXCOM [...] virtually, in person, or a hybrid of the two. Based on the authority granted to it in Article V of the Constitution to reduce the total number of delegates to a GC Session for reasons of a “major crisis within

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The online conference will take place on April 20, 2021.

in our petition. ADRA also prepared a Global Education Report with the situation of out-of-school children in the world. As a follow-up, we are organizing this event to increase our influence and partnership [...] 2021. It aims to provide a platform for an international and cross-cultural dialogue, where people from different parts of the world and diverse communities can contribute to a broad vision for the achievement [...] educational excellence and equity for all children and youth. “ADRA Europe is organizing this event as part of the global Advocacy Campaign, "’Every child. Everywhere. In school.’" As many are aware

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Teach us to pray

Italian Women Meet to Pray

On Friday evening March 19, 2021, we started the Sabbath in a very special way. Women's Ministries held a national meeting on Zoom to talk about prayer and to pray together. The idea came from the “Teach [...] seminar online. During the Zoom meeting we had some technical problems as often happens with live events, but generally everything went well. The four speakers explained how to improve our prayers. The [...] meeting live on hopemedia.it , Facebook and You Tube, were invited to pray in their homes. It was a blessed experience to the glory of the Lord, confirmed by the many messages of appreciation we received

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Women’s Ministry Activites in the Hanse Conference, Germany

A special News Edition with reports from the Hanse Conference

letting the challenge of Covid 19 get them down and have converted all their program plans to Zoom events. A special News Edition with reports from the Hanse Conference, reported by Nancy Duske, WM Director

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Adventist Women of the Past (5)

Women's History Month

March 5, 1961, to Deeb S. Farah, a new convert to the Seventh-day Adventist faith to whom she had given Bible studies for a number of years. Shortly after, Aida took a sabbatical for eight years to serve [...] retirement in 1988. She was a witness to and a part of the development and growth of the local church and its institutions in Lebanon from an early age and for more than half a century. In the summer of [...] Mount Lebanon. That year she also received a certificate in piano performance from the Lebanese National Music Conservatory. In 1952, Aida was called to serve as a Bible instructor. She went from house to

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Through my Zoom

Second Adventist International Congress for Deaf and Deaf-blind Online

disguise that made them original, such as a special hat, a special jacket, or a dress. The most original disguise received a reward. Through my Frame. A picture through an original frame. This game required [...] included a series of interesting and original activities. There was also an interactive segment where participants were called on to present their contribution. A lottery to win a prize. In [...] registered, and a gift was sent to them. Through my Dress. A performance to show the best and most original dress. This game required creativity and imagination. Participants had to think about a disguise

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We ARE the #realchurch

reminded us we are a chosen people, we are God's special possession, and we are also a holy nation and a royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:9). You might think this does not apply to you, but being a priest is to [...] has chosen to show others who He is. How wonderful is that? A real church is not a church that talks about what Jesus would do, it is a church that does what Jesus would do. The church is definitely [...] on helping youth unzip their true self in a safe space with a variety of activities (game nights, book club, workshops, seminars, training sessions, etc.). As a result, they connect with hundreds of students

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Adventist TV station ‘Hope TV’ now available throughout Germany

y another 14.5 million people to watch Hope TV on television. Hope TV plans to celebrate this event with a live blessing service on March 20 at 10:30 am. Now on the air, nationwide, on cable [...] contract for the inclusion of Hope TV into the cable network of Vodafone was signed. Thus, according to a press release from the media center, starting from March 3, Hope TV is to be received throughout the [...] delighted that we can now reach even more people in Germany via Vodafone's cable network. Hope TV offers a wide-ranging TV program with hopeful faith and life topics," says Klaus Popa, Chairman of the Board

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ADRA inaugurating the new personal hygiene locale for 25 students, through the “SUPPORT FOR NORMALITY” project

were involved in the arrangement of the indoor bathroom (size 42m 2 ), consisting of a hall, 3 bathrooms, and a warehouse for cleaning items, with an investment value of 36,000 lei. These 9 volunteers [...] continued Neatu. “Every child you train is a child won for society and I am glad that ADRA Romania invests according to its principles and values ​​in children for a better future, always choosing to be close [...] “Dealu Lung School needed a restroom for our students, because the previous conditions were not adequate sanitation, being the only school in the commune that did not have a restroom indoors, with the

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