New Online Bible Course for Women

Our Heavenly Father

We are excited to introduce to you a new online Bible Study Course Heavenly Father. God teaches us to understand His love for us with simple examples. He is the most loving Father: although our love [...] for the better and what we can do with God's love. The new online Bible Course “Heavenly Father" https://hope.study/courses/S-FRwixnd/ is especially designed for women. You will also find

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"Life is an Adventure": The Ministry of G. T. Ng

Executive secretary of the General Conference announces retirement after nearly half-a-century of ministry.

depression. He said, “I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t study. Life was not worth living.” One day he took his Bible and his hymnal to a park, and he sat under a coconut tree where he read [...] the support of his family, he lost financial support that had been kept for his education. While studying, he spent a lot of his time working odd jobs to put himself through school. Though he was on [...] headed to Cambodia to begin their life as missionaries. There in the city of Phnom Penh, they studied the Cambodian language. They helped to meet the needs of refugees with clothing and rice, and they

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Adventist Mission supporting prisoners in Romania

'It is difficult to live in a penitentiary and even harder to be a true Christian in that environment'

lockdown, we began to correspond through written letters with detainees. For the older volunteers, it was practically a return to the 1990s when the letter was the only means of correspondence with detainees [...] presented in various seminars as well as in sermons, baptism preparation meetings, and individual studies. Hope TV is present in every cell of the penitentiaries and, where the detainees want, they [...] limited because their number was much smaller due to lack of space. We started working on some correspondence programs. We also started recording sermons in our homes to send to the penitentiaries

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Adventist Women of the Past (8)

Women’s History Month

Basel where, during a period of illness, she met Adventist believers. Following a passionate study of the Bible, she was baptized in 1896 and became a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. T he Missionary [...] Granel di sale , Giuseppe De Meo writes: "These four women devoted themselves to a work of correspondence and translation... Their commitment and influence were decisive for the Adventist work in Italy"

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postmail. A Bible study for postmodern people Together with the book that is sent, a short note is enclosed with a presentation of the book and the offer of a special Bible course for people [...] people who have no experience in the handling of the Bible and its doctrinal topics. The course is based on the thirteen chapters of The WaySteps to Christ and the main objective is that they canto help them [...] love. We are amazed to see how many people, once they receive the book, immediately ask for the Bible course that we offer. In the note, we provide you readers with an email address, a 24- hour phone

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less than three months, they already have a group of 14 people who enthusiastically receive a bBible study every week, and they also meet, every Saturday, they meet in the missionaries' house to enjoy the

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Adventist Church Releases Bible Trivia Game Heroes 2 on March 25

Revamped version engages users for a journey through the Bible.

Google relating to the Bible showed that every 30 days, individuals made more than 250,000 Google searches around the world for Bible trivia, Bible games, and Bible quiz. The study showed that people are [...] Google Play Store . Bible Studies and a TV Show Along with the Heroes 2 game, the official Adventist TV network Hope Channel also plans to offer Bible studies. “Every player will be [...] player to further understand the Bible and find freedom, healing, and hope in Jesus,” leaders said. An Increased Interest in Bible Themes In 2017, a study commissioned by Adventist communicators

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Adventist Women of the Past (6)

Women's History Month

to marry Frieda by asking the school band to serenade her. When she concluded her studies, Frieda began working as a Bible worker, and in August 1907 she and Walter were married. From Military Service [...] started offering Bible classes. “In 1909, he baptized a group of men. Several were from the Ottoman province of Mesopotamia—today’s country of Iraq.” Upon getting to Beirut, he labored to study Arabic and enrolled [...] enrolled in the Syrian Protestant College. Then he began Bible studies at his home specially geared towards the students at the college. Soon afterwards Ising began mission strategizing. He approached

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A Global Children’s Day during a pandemic

World Children's Day was celebrated on 20 March. What does it mean to celebrate children during a pandemic?

clinical insomnia was observed in Italy , where nearly 40% of respondents in a May (2020) study were shown to have insomnia. And insomnia is one of the biggest risk factors for anxiety attacks and [...] Isolation Disease containment of COVID-19 has necessitated widespread social isolation. Recent studies show that children and adolescents are probably more likely to experience high rates of depression [...] understand children and enter the kingdom of God, it is necessary to become children again, as the Bible teaches us. May the Lord protect us from violating His kingdom by violating the rights and needs of

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Adventist Women of the Past (5)

Women's History Month

Music Conservatory. In 1952, Aida was called to serve as a Bible instructor. She went from house to house, visiting people and giving Bible studies. One of her more interesting contacts was a retired army [...] 1961, to Deeb S. Farah, a new convert to the Seventh-day Adventist faith to whom she had given Bible studies for a number of years. Shortly after, Aida took a sabbatical for eight years to serve as housewife [...] Farah, Aida Ghazal (1924–2012) By Raja D. Farah Aida Ghazal Farah was an educator, Bible worker, college dean of women, church musician, and youth leader in Lebanon. Aida Ghazal Farah was

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