Friedensau University: Board of Trustees Confirms Prof. Fischer as Rector in Office

of establishing a new pastoral MA programme for Europe. He may be assured of our support and our prayers for God's blessing." Prof. Fischer expressed his gratitude for the trust placed in him by the

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Women’s Academy, Spain

Women’ Educational Meetings

blessing and the support of his children scattered in many parts of the world. We hope to count on your prayers! Angela Arias, Women’s Ministries Director, B.Tallers

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Adventist Global Virtual Campmeeting to Launch May 19

This online event will bring members together from around the world to encourage each other, focus on our beliefs, and prepare for the mission at hand.

provide connection between members through virtual church services, special conferences, and online prayer meetings—and these have been filling a need for many. General Conference (GC) leadership have also

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Adventist Virtual Global Campmeeting 2021

19 – 23 May, 2021 Online Everywhere - https://2021.campmeeting.com/

Hours/Day) Prayer Room Opens (open 24 Hours/Day) 7:00pm Round Table Discussions 8:00pm – 11:00pm Seminars in 6 Tracks THURSDAY – 20 MAY, 2021 Prayer Room Open 24 Hours [...] – 21 MAY, 2021 Prayer Room Open 24 Hours Exhibition Hall Open 8:00am – 12:00pm (noon) Seminars in 6 Tracks and Main Stage 12:00pm (noon) Global Prayer Session 1:00pm Keynote [...] 12:00pm (noon) Keynote Presentation : Dr. Barry Black, Chaplain U.S. Senate 1:00pm Global Prayer Session 2:00pm – 7:00pm Seminars in 6 Tracks 7:00pm Keynote Presentation : Dr. David

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Girls4Christ meeting in Neugablonz

Small group can be fun

ly - due to Corona - we couldn't stay together for very long, so at the end we prayed a "popcorn prayer" together with the help of Bible verses and then we had to say goodbye again. The time was much too

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Teach us to pray

Italian Women Meet to Pray

meeting on Zoom to talk about prayer and to pray together. The idea came from the “Teach us to pray” seminar of the resources for the International Women’s Day of Prayer 2021. Almost all Adventist churches [...] live events, but generally everything went well. The four speakers explained how to improve our prayers. The program also included videos and songs. Before the end of the meeting, we passed from “theory” [...] that the post reached over 2 thousand people. We are grateful to the Lord for this experience of prayer and sharing. Reported by Lina Ferrara, WM Director, Italian Union

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Adventist Church in Haiti Celebrates the Safe Release of Abducted Members

Seventh-day Adventists in Haiti are celebrating the release last night of four of their fellow church members who had been kidnapped on Apr. 1, 2021.

all concerned. Prayer support from around the world Pastor Pierre Caporal, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Haiti, said feeling the support and prayers of fellow leaders and [...] our brothers and sisters.” The church in Haiti spent the last three days in prayer vigils, worship programs, and prayer sessions on the radio, during online programs and throughout churches, said Caporal [...] also joined in prayer sessions this weekend, said Pastor Elie Henry, president of the church in Inter-America. “So many colleagues around the world expressed their concerns and joined in prayer for our people

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Adventist Church in Haiti Prays for Safety of Four Kidnapped Members

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Haiti has been praying for the safe return of four of its members who were kidnapped during a live online program last night.

We all need to pray and wait for God’s miracle,” Greger said. The church will continue its special prayer sessions tonight during its vespers program and throughout the Sabbath, Caporal said. The

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Women’s Week of Prayer in the Hamburg Ghanaian Church

Report from Hanse Conference (1)

Women’s Week of Prayer in the Hamburg Ghanaian Church (Hanse 1) We have a wonderful women's group in Hamburg at the Ghanaian SDA Church who are doing many missionary projects under the leadership [...] of Janet Boachie. They organized a week of prayer in March. From February 28 to March 6, they had a Zoom meeting every evening. There was a speaker for each evening, some from Hamburg, others from Ghana

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Women’s Meeting in Hamburg and Girls4Christ

Report from Hanse Conference (2)

leave the church? These and many other questions were discussed and a lively exchange took place. Prayer is the key, because we are all keepers of our sisters! Parallel to the women's meeting there was

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