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Maurice-Tieche Academy

Maurice Tieche Comprehensive School

Maurice Tieche Comprehensive School

545 chemin de Bottecreux, 74160  74165 Collonges-sous-Salève, France.

Phone: +33 4 50 87 68 27

From pre-school right through to the end of high school, the Maurice-Tièche Academy has the reputation for transmitting to children and young people alike high educational values and morals. Here, the training of the character is a priority: the child and the teenager are learning to control themselves, to take responsibility, to make the right choice by developing a decisive spirit.

The teachers offer a quality education in classes with reduced numbers which allows for better teacher-student ratios. It is not uncommon to hear of the "old" students say that their transition to Maurice-Tièche was a high point of their lives and has helped orientate them towards personal and professional success.

This is a Christian private school approved by the French Ministry of National Education and the French Protestant Federation.