World Refugees Sabbath

World Refugees Sabbath

World Refugees Sabbath
June 16, 2018

The journey of hope that these migrants have taken has been for many a real misery. They have faced a long journey crossing different countries, deserts, seas, with the anxiety of not succeeding. For many of them it has been so, they drowned in a strip of sea that separated them from the apparent salvation. Among them many children, too many!

Although the political and institutional entities are at work to stop this tragedy, every day we read the record of migratory flows that are pouring on European territories, stained by the blood of those who didn’t make it. They are victims of a weakness caused by those who have abused of their desperate need of salvation.

With this scenario, the seventh day Adventist church is doing its best to help in this emergency supporting with the strengths available. Hereafter we present a number of projects that show the strategy implemented by ADRA, Adventist Development and Relief Agency.

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More information about program of June 16 on ADRA Refugees.


João Martins Joao.Martins(at)adra(dot)eu
Victor Hulbert vhulbert(at)ted.adventist(dot)org
Corrado Cozzi corrado.cozzi(at)eud.adventist(dot)org
Igor Mitrović director(at)

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