Training Course for SL Interpreters


October 3-6, 2019
Milan, Italy 


There are Deaf people all around the world and, as a Christian church, we should do our best to make them feel welcome and help them encounter the beauty of the word of God.
This training is developed with the intention of promoting the integration of Sign Language within the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Many interpreters feel tired, depressed or exhausted by their work. Therefore, a positive balance in their work would have a positive influence on the quality/professionalism of their performance and on their commitment to God.


1. To assess the spiritual level of the SL interpreter’s profession.
2. To learn and remember the ethical code of an SL interpreter.
3. To analyze the concepts of Deaf Community and evangelism.
4. To learn the system of international Signs Language (ISL).
5. To develop outreach ministry in participants’ own countries.
6. To explain the dynamics of the 2020 Deaf Congress.
7. To know how to analyze and evaluate the physical, mental and emotional health of an SL interpreter.
8. To make new friendships and partnerships.
9. Etc.


This project is addressed to SL interpreters, mediators and leaders of the Deaf Community, within our Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Who can participate?
All that are interested to the ministry of Deaf. All interpreters that have already attended the previous training. All interpreters that never participate and want to come.
We have for the moment 30 places reserved.


The EUD would like to gather professional SL interpreters to support and strengthen the work they are doing in favor of the Deaf and to give them the opportunity to share their blessings and challenges. Above all, we would like to emphasize some activities that will be done during this meeting:
1. Recall that we truly love Jesus and are committed to Him.
2. Analyze the reasons why we are doing this work, to whom it is addressed and especially for whom we are working.
3. This work is not some kind of occupational, educational or social work. The ultimate goal is not only to provide a service of translation or interpretation, but a true ministry. “Dedicate your heart and then God will use your hands.”
In the book: A Guide for the Ministry of the Deaf, De Ann Sampley wrote “A servant’s heart is required to work with Deaf people.”
4. During this meeting the interpreters will understand that they are not alone in this ministry. There are many people like them, with wonderful gifts. All together we’ll learn how to work in a team and how to rise up together when we fall down,  because after all, we are a team sharing a common goal: “that the word of God may be shared with Deaf people”.
5. We will teach how to develop talents, how to look after your health in your ministry and how to interpret according to the system of International Signs Language.

Cost of the participation

Single room 280€ (accommodation and meals)
Double room 200€ per person (accommodation and meals)


Euro Hotel Residence
Via Monza, 27
20863 Concorezzo (Milano) ITALY
Tel. +39 039 60441

The topics

These are the possible topics we will present at the Training Course:
•    How to organize SL interpreting in our churches – experience, suggestions, inspiration…
•    How to support the individual Deaf persons in their spiritual life (prayers, Bible reading, self-confidence and self-advocacy etc…)
•    How to organize meetings of the Deaf people (program, leadership…)
•    How to motivate and stimulate the church unions for ADMI
•    Music and worship in the Deaf church context
•    Music resources – to produce an archive of songs in different languages
•    Connection between ADMI and SNM
•    How to support moral health for Deaf
•    How to inform the church regarding the Deaf reality (AAA concept : Awareness, Acceptance, Action).
•    The ILS training, at least for biblical and religious wording


There will be possibility to share resources. Please, come with all resources you think that are interesting to be shared.


For further information, write to info(at)adventistdeaf(dot)eu or
Corrado Cozzi ADMI EUD liaison

For registration, please enter here
You can download the poster here.

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