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What is Creation Sabbath? How can my church celebrate Creation Sabbath? When is Creation Sabbath this year? The answers to these questions are not secrets; they are available for the world to see at the newly revamped website.

"I love this "Focusing on Creation" branding strategy for Creation Sabbath," says Dr. Timothy Standish, of the Geoscience Research Institute (GRI). "GRI is about science, and there is a tremendous beauty to that, but it is wonderful to see such an attractive branding strategy for what has to be among the most important Sabbaths of each year. Yes, every Sabbath was given to us by our Creator to celebrate His wonderful creation, but Creation Sabbath is a special opportunity to remind ourselves of the central purpose of the Sabbath. More than that, this is a special day to share the call to worship the Creator, which is at the center of the everlasting gospel (Revelation 14:6, 7); "Focusing on Creatin", indeed!"

The Heart of the Universe - English audio - Multiple language subtitles from Geoscience Research Institute on Vimeo.
For each Creation Sabbath, a short film is produced to use in churches around the world. The Creation Sabbath film for 2018 is called The Heart of the Universe and was produced by Dr. Noemi Duran, Geoscience Research Institute European Office Director, and Daniel López, a Swiss media producer based in Spain. The Heart of the Universe can be found at:  and
The Heart of the Universe is available in multiple languages and the list continues to grow. From Japanese to Italian and from Russian to Yoruba, this film conveys the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan in a unique way that starts with the creation and ends with the new creation.

In a first for a Creation Sabbath film, The Heart of the Universe was made using Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). In this process, virtual environments were created for each day of creation. Anyone can explore these virtual environments using their computer, smartphone or virtual reality glasses at:

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