Creation Sabbath

"The Hole", a film for Creation Sabbath

October 28, 2017

The Geoscience Research Institute and The John 10:10 Project are pleased to announced release of “The Hole”, a 5-minute film that goes straight to the heart of the Gospel. “The Hole” has been prepared especially for sharing via social media and showing in churches, schools and other institutions to celebrate Creation Sabbath on October 28.

“I love how beautifully ‘The Hole’ encapsulates the Gospel using an illustration from nature,” says Dr. Timothy G. Standish, a scientist and film maker working at the Geoscience Research Institute. “The Hole” uses footage shot in the mountains of Mexico where monarch butterflies spend the winter. It also contains video filmed in locations as diverse as Hong Kong, Chicago and London.

Narrating “The Hole”, Alvin Chea of the Emmy Award winning group Take 6 guides viewers on a journey toward understanding how the creation is an inseparable part of the Gospel. But more than this, the creation itself through the process of butterfly metamorphosis provides a beautiful analogy to the seemingly impossible transformation of being born again in Christ. Through his contribution, Mr. Chea also illustrates that the study and celebration of creation is not the exclusive domain of theologians and scientists, but something that should be celebrated in the arts, where beauty and design are actually understood!

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Sing Creation


Sing Creation is an Inter-European Adventist Primary and Secondary School initiative to participate in the celebration of Creation Sabbath. The program is called Sing Creation and its goal is to make a compilation of songs on Creation for children and teenagers in all the languages spoken across the Inter-European Division.

To participate, the schools only have to prepare one song on Creation topics (Creation Week, God the Creator, Caring for Creation, Prasing God for Nature, etc…), sing it at the local church between Oct 28th and Dec 30th, record a video, and send it to Dr. Noemi Duranroyo (noemi.duran(at)eud.adventist(dot)org), along with the song music and lyrics, in the original language and translated to English.

In case a church group of Pathfinders would like to participate, please contact Dr. Noemi Duranroyo for details.



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