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Romania: The first Adventist Medical Center in Bucharest


Bucharest, Romania [A.Horja, G. Isvan, CD EUDNews]. October 29, 2014. Last week the Seventh-day Adventist church in Romania opened “Premed”, the first Adventist Medical Center in Bucharest, with over 2500 square meters. 1000 square meters of the building will be used by our medical staff of 15. Thus, “Premed” becomes part of the global network...[more]

Religious Liberty Event in Romania


Bucharest, Romania [Andreas Mazza, CD EUDNews]. October 27, 2014. On Wednesday, October 22, 2014, a conference on 'Liberty & Conscience' was held in the Romanian Palace of the Parliament. The event was organized by the Department of Religious Liberty of the Romanian Union, under the leadership of its director, Nelu Burcea.[more]

Freedom of Religion & Belief must be also protected at the workplace


New York, USA [CD EUDNews, UN]. October 27, 2014. United Nations human rights expert Heiner Bielefeldt told on october 24 to the UN General Assembly that freedom to manifest one’s religion or belief without discrimination should also be protected in the area of employment. He urged all Governments to take every appropriate measure to prevent and...[more]

Bulgaria: Big-City campaign - Public Evangelism is alive!


Sofia, Bulgaria [CD EUDNews, Ivalina Ilieva]. October 26, 2014. Sofia was the first centre for Big City Evangelism in Bulgaria. Two simultaneous crusades were held there September 28-October 11. The main campaign was held in downtown Sofia, the second – at the 'Roma' (Gypsy) area of the city. It was entitled "Code: Predicted" and held by...[more]

Spain: A Journey towards Jesus


Bern, Switzerland [CD-EUDNews]. October 26, 2014. Working for several years with young people and teenagers through new technologies can have interesting surprises. Recently the Jovenes-Cristianos, a group of Seventh-day Adventist youth in Spain, launched a new App for iOS and Android to share the power of God's Word. The name of the App is ‘A...[more]

International Religious Freedom Day


Silver Spring, USA [ANN, CD EUDNews]. October 22, 2014. Seventh-day Adventist Church leaders and others who support religious liberty will participate in marking Monday, October 27 as International Religious Freedom Day (IRFD).[more]

Annual Council, part 10: Church Manual revision


Silver Spring, USA [ANN, CD EUDNews]. October 17, 2014. Delegates at the 2014 General Conference Annual Council this week agreed to amend some chapters of the Church Manual, including adding new details to further specify the reasons that members can face discipline.[more]

Annual Council, part 9: Focus on Women's Ordination


Silver Spring, USA [ANN, CD EUDNews]. October 17, 2014. The Seventh-day Adventist Church as early as next July may decide to take a historic vote on whether to allow women to be ordained ministers.[more]

Annual Council, part 8: The Treasurer's Report


Silver Spring, USA [ANN, CD EUDNews]. October 17, 2014. The General Conference, the top administrative body of the Adventist Church, had 282 employees in 1995.[more]

Annual Council, part 7: Edits to fundamental Beliefs


Silver Spring, USA [ANN, CD EUDNews]. October 17, 2014. A policy body of the Seventh-day Adventist Church on Monday voted to adjust the language of a key fundamental belief to emphasize that creation was a “recent” event that took place during “six literal days.”[more]

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