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EUD Press Release: Plane Crash


Bern, Switzerland [CD EUDCOM]. While we are still grieving the death of over 280 people, due to the recent plane crash of a Boeing Aircraft in Ukraine, today we have to record another terrible plane crash in Mali, during which 116 passengers were killed, 51 of them of French nationality. [more]

Challenge and Opportunity: The Health Congress as seen by attendants


Bern, Switzerland, July 17, 2014 [CD-EUDNews]. After attending a Conference on Health July 8-12, in Geneva, we asked the audience to give us their opinions and highlights. Or simply share what they found relevant or the main message that was appreciated and accepted personally. Please read on for some of comments by those present.[more]

Loma Linda University Health unveils record $1.2 billion expansion


Loma Linda, California [AR Staff; CD EUDNews]. Loma Linda University Health announced a record $1.2 billion expansion last week that will include the construction of two new hospital buildings and other facilities. [more]

Air Crash in Ukraine


The Hague, Netherlands [Andrew McChesney, CD EUDnews]. An Adventist Church leader from the Netherlands changed her plane ticket at the last minute from the Malaysian Airlines jet that crashed in eastern Ukraine last week, killing all 298 people on board.[more]

Logistics behind the Health Conference in Geneva


Geneva, July 9, 2014 [CD-EUDNews. C.Cozzi]. The Second Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle started Tuesday, July 8 and continued till Saturday, July 12.[more]

Adventist european Champion in Bible Knowledge


Prague, Czech Rep. [Tomas Kabr; CD EUDNews]. Zdenek Sovis is one of the winners from the first European Championship in Bible Knowledge, which took place in one of the Parliament House rooms at the Czech Republic. Zdenek is a Seventh Day Aventist from the Church in Brno, on Stredni street, where he is a Sabbath school teacher and lay preacher....[more]

Raafat Kamal newly elected President of the Trans-European Division


10 July 2014, St Albans, United Kingdom [Miroslav Pujić, tedNEWS; CD EUDNews]. Pastor Raafat Kamal, 50, is the newly elected president of the Trans-European Division of the Seventh-day Adventists Church (TED), based in St Albans, United Kingdom. Kamal’s name was recommended by the TED Executive Committee on 27 June and elected by the General...[more]

Global Health Conference in Geneva


Geneva, Switzerland, July 8, 2014 [Andrew McChesney, CD EUDNews]. A senior public health official appealed to the Seventh-day Adventist Church on Tuesday to share its expertise on healthy lifestyles with the rest of the world, saying at a conference that the health of the world’s population was going from bad to worse.[more]

New President of the South German Union Conference


Stuttgart, Germany [APD; CD EUDNews]. Beginning July 1, Pastor Rainer Wanitschek (54) is the new president of the South German Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He is succeeding Pastor Günther Machel, who is retiring. The South German Union Conference has 220 congregations with 15,395 adult baptized members and it is based in...[more]

Secular and post-modern Europe still open to Gospel Mission


Bern, Switzerland, June 25, 2014 [Corrado Cozzi; CD-EUDNews]. The Adventist church is founded on the mission given by Jesus two thousand years ago: go and make disciples. With this mission in mind, the first Seventh-day Adventist Mission Advisory in the Inter-European Region (EUD) was held in Cernica (Bucharest, Romania).[more]

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